Welcome to neonart.com. You’re about to immerse yourself into “the ultimate” in neon art and sculpture. Wander and muse at what is possible with glass, noble gas, and high voltage!

Alexis III, private collection

Project One

Peace 2020 (available for purchase)

Project Two

custom messages expressed in neon

Project Three

Marilyn (available for purchase)

Project Four

Alien Flower: Amaryllis Pyroteuthis Infernalis

Project Five

one-of-a-kind base mounted sculptures

Project Six

neonart.com is devoted to the art of neon and all that is possible with this fascinating medium of expression. This website is a new work in progress for me, and eventually (hopefully) will host some of the world’s most talented neon artists. Beyond this, my hope is that I’ll be presenting some of their available work for you to view, more deeply inspect from the comfort of your computer, and even allow you to purchase.

If you would like to make an inquiry, discuss a possible art commission or need further assistance, please email me at coolneonart@gmail.com

-Kevin Russell

(neon artist)

Newport Beach, CA